17 Jul 2023

Press Release

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (July 17, 2023) — The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) is pleased to announce the selection of Ernst & Young, LLP (EY) as the strategic partner to develop the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan 3.0 (CEDS 3.0). EY, a global leader in professional services, plans to build upon the success of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan 2.0 (CEDS 2.0) as their team charts a path with local residents and leaders for sustainable growth and prosperity for Pflugerville.

The decision to engage EY was made after a rigorous nationwide selection process that involved evaluating multiple renowned firms with expertise in economic development strategies. EY’s proven track record, industry-leading insights, commitment to innovation, and long-term understanding of the Pflugerville community distinguished them as the ideal partner to help shape the future of Pflugerville.

“We were fortunate to have Avalanche Consulting, an Austin-based economic development firm, conduct PCDC’s two previous successful strategies. In 2020, their company merged with EY to become a new economic development division for the worldwide firm,” said Amy Madison, Executive Director of PCDC. “The original lead team members are now flanked by 17 other experts within the growing division, so Pflugerville will benefit from both long-term experience and fresh perspectives.”

Under the agreement, EY will collaborate with the PCDC to develop a holistic economic development strategic plan that builds upon the achievements of CEDS 2.0 and propels Pflugerville toward continued success. Leveraging their deep understanding of Pflugerville's economic landscape and comprehensive data analysis, the company will help identify key opportunities, create strategic goals, and implement actionable strategies to drive economic growth.

"We are excited to once again partner with the PCDC to shape the future of Pflugerville’s economic development,” said Tony DeLisi, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young. "Our previous collaboration on CEDS 2.0 demonstrated the power of combining local insights with global best practices. Building on that success, we will be working closely with the PCDC to develop an innovative and inclusive strategic plan that positions Pflugerville as a dynamic hub for economic growth.”

The strategic planning process will begin immediately, with a projected timeline of six months for completion. During this time, the PCDC and EY will engage stakeholders, analyze data, employ economic modeling, and undertake strategic planning exercises to create a comprehensive economic development strategic plan that maximizes Pflugerville’s potential as a competitive and resilient economy.

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