Medway Plastics Corporation Begins Hiring for New Pflugerville Manufacturing Facility

28 Jan 2016

Press Release


  • PCDC partnered with Workforce Solutions Capital Area to host job fair Jan. 14-16.
  • Medway plans to grow to a staff of 20 full-time workers within a year and 100 employees within five years.
  • Interested job seekers should contact Workforce Solutions Capital Area for information on job opportunities at Medway Plastics Corporation.

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (Jan. 27, 2015)—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) partnered with Workforce Solutions Capital Area to host a job fair Jan. 14-16 for Medway Plastics Corporation, according to PCDC Interim Executive Director Amy Madison. Medway is seeking applicants for entry-level to skilled manufacturing, research and development positions at the company’s first regional manufacturing facility located at 1600 Royston Lane in Pflugerville.The PCDC announced Medway’s expansion to Pflugerville in October 2015. The company, which is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., will relocate its research and development facility to Pflugerville and add 100 new jobs to the area within five years. The company plans to produce the first articles out of the new plant mid-March.

Founded in 1974, Medway is a world leader in the plastic injection molding industry.

“As part of our economic development performance agreement, the PCDC was responsible for a job fair to assist Medway in the initial hiring phase to secure the great talent that is available in Central Texas. We reached out to our friends at Workforce Solutions Capital Area, and the effort was a successful collaboration,” Madison said. “Central Texas’ highly skilled, experienced workforce was a major factor in Medway’s decision to locate here, and Workforce Solutions is helping connect Medway with qualified candidates for the jobs they’re looking to fill at the new Pflugerville location.”

This is the first time the PCDC has collaborated with Workforce Solutions Capital Area on behalf of an employer; however, Madison said she hopes to provide hiring support services for many more Pflugerville companies in the future.

Medway identified at least five qualified candidates who will be asked to conduct a second round of interviews next week with the technical team in Calif. They will then begin making offers to the top candidates.

“We were pleased with the turnout at the job fair. Workforce Solutions focused on attracting quality talent, rather than volume, so the applications that we reviewed were strong,” said Gerald Hutchinson, senior vice president, Medway Plastics Corporation. “What impressed me the most were the number of applicants who had solid industrial PLC (programmable logic controller) and electronics experience. By comparison to Long Beach where our headquarters are located, finding prospects with electronics or industrial plastics experience is difficult. It is impressive that in Pflugerville we were able to get a few applicants with that specific experience straight out of the gate.”

Within the next year, Medway Plastics has committed to hiring a minimum of 20 full-time employees at an average salary of $40,000 per year.

“Workforce Solutions Capital Area is proud to work with Medway Plastics. As a new employer in the region, it can be difficult to know how and where to recruit the quality talent you need to move your business forward,” said Tiffany Daniels, director of communications and employer engagement, Workforce Solutions Capital Area. “Our team is happy to serve as a no-cost arm of local employers’ HR teams. We worked with Medway Plastics to recruit local talent for the job fair and look forward to partnering in the future as the company grows. The strength of our regional economy lies in the strength of our employers—new and old. We are thankful for the many new opportunities Medway Plastics is bringing to our community.”

Medway Plastics signed a lease/purchase agreement for the 51,000 square feet at 1600 Royston Lane in Pflugerville, the former site of FedEx, which expanded and relocated to the 130 Commerce Center in Pflugerville earlier this year. Charles Harvey with Don Quick and Associates handled the real estate transaction.

To submit a resume or inquire about a job opportunity at Medway Plastics, contact Robert Doherty at or visit (Keyword: Medway).

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