Welcome our summer intern, Aishah Mallam!

Welcome our summer intern, Aishah Mallam! Main Photo

31 May 2024


We are thrilled to introduce Aishah Mallam, our summer intern at the PCDC! Aishah joins us as part of the Home To Texas program, a fantastic initiative that connects first-year and second-year students from The University of Texas at Austin with internship and research opportunities in their hometowns.

Meet Aishah

Name: Aishah Mallam   
Hometown: Moved to Pflugerville nine years ago  
School: University of Texas at Austin  
Major: Informatics with a minor in Business  
Year: Entering her final year  

Aishah’s journey is truly inspiring. Born in Botswana, she moved to India at the age of three and then relocated to the United States when she was ten. Her global experiences have shaped her into a well-rounded individual with a unique perspective. Having attended Renaissance Academy for middle and high school, Aishah is now majoring in Informatics with a minor in Business at UT Austin, where she is entering her final year.

Aishah's Career Aspirations and Interests

Aishah’s primary interest lies in the business field. She has operated her own small business projects, which gave her a strong understanding of various business operations. However, she realized that gaining knowledge in data and technology could further enhance her future career. Informatics offers a perfect blend of technology and business, aligning with her career goals. Aishah aspires to run her own business, potentially in the food sector.

In her free time, Aishah loves to paint and enjoys learning how to cook Indian food. A fun fact about her is that she has lived on three continents. These diverse experiences have enriched her life and given her a broad outlook.

Why Aishah Chose PCDC

Aishah chose to intern with PCDC because of her passion for economic development. Supporting businesses and helping them grow aligns with her career interests. She is excited to make new connections and learn from professionals who are experts in their fields. Currently, Aishah is collaborating with Crystal Connally,  Business Retention and Workforce Director for the PCDC, on preparing for the Texas Venture Crawl event in October. Under Crystal's mentorship, Aishah is learning a great deal and is looking forward to contributing significantly to the event.

Home To Texas Internship Program

The Home To Texas program connects first-year and second-year students from The University of Texas at Austin with internship and research opportunities in their hometowns. PCDC applied in the spring to host a Home To Texas intern for the summer after the program received additional funding for the Summer 2024 program,  which allowed them to expand to additional communities, including Pflugerville. 

This expansion means more students like Aishah will have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in their hometowns, contributing to their personal and professional growth while supporting local businesses and economic development initiatives.

Join Us in Welcoming Aishah!

We are delighted to have Aishah on board this summer and look forward to seeing the fantastic contributions she will make to our team and the community. Her enthusiasm, diverse background, and passion for economic development make her a perfect fit for PCDC.

Join us in welcoming Aishah Mallam to the team and celebrating the exciting expansion of our internship opportunities! Stay tuned for more updates on Aishah’s journey and the impact of the Home To Texas program in Pflugerville.