Commercial Real Estate Available Near Pflugerville’s Robotics Industry

10 Jan 2024


A growing mecca for high tech, Pflugerville is now a front runner for cutting edge tech industries, and we have the commercial real estate to support additional growth.

Texas is a Technology Mecca and the Global Demand for Automated Solutions Keeps Growing. Pflugerville’s Commercial Real Estate Is Ideal for Robotics & Other Tech Companies. 

To cement our key position, the Lone Star State recently established a landmark AI Advisory Council. That’s great news for Pflugerville which is adjacent to “Silicon Hills” and minutes away from major tech companies, including Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Dell, Facebook, Google, and Tesla. In addition to being home to a multitude of tech-savvy workers, from engineers with four-year technical degrees to machinists with trade school certificates to technicians trained in electro-mechanical assembly, Pflugerville is becoming a technology hub in its own right. One shining example we’re proud to claim is SISU Cinema Robotics. PCDC was instrumental in helping this home grown company grow and diversify. After we helped SISU find flex space in Pecan Place, these innovators went on to make a splash in Hollywood. Their division, SISU Cinematics, invented an easy to control robotic arm that top cinematographers consider a game changer.

Pflugerville’s SISU Cinematics is changing the way movies are made! Read all about it!

Join Pflugerville’s growing robotics and tech industry by searching for available commercial real estate.