Pflugerville, Texas is a Hub for R&D and Has Commercial Real Estate to Support the Industry’s Growth

13 Dec 2023


Located minutes from Austin, Pflugerville has commercial real estate sites that can support robust R&D programs. One of Pflugerville’s distinctions is our abundance of inventive talent, resulting in an incredible number of patents being issued within the community.

Pflugerville’s Commercial Real Estate is Ideal for R&D

In 2015, PCDC commissioned a study which found that 134 patents were registered in Pflugerville that year alone — more per capita than Austin, and more than double the neighboring benchmark cities. Pflugerville’s off-the-charts inventiveness adds to our sense of optimism and prosperity while keeping us at the leading edge of technology. Given our abundance of available commercial real estate, along with our many talented people, it’s no wonder Pflugerville has become a hub for pioneering tech industries like robotics and 3D printing.  

While our Pflugerville residents were inventing things, our city reinvented itself - from farming communities to technology Mecca. Intrigued? Learn more about our remarkable city.