From Marine Corps to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Excellence

From Marine Corps to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Excellence Main Photo

19 Sep 2023


In Pflugerville, Texas, the spirit of entrepreneurship runs deep, exemplified by the community's dedication to celebrating Black-owned businesses. Among the thriving entrepreneurs in Pflugerville is a proud United States Marine Corps veteran who has skillfully translated his military experience into a successful business venture. His story serves as a testament to excellence and the robust support of the local community.

From the Marines to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Discipline and Dedication

"It's an honor to have served in the United States Marine Corps. My national service in the Marine Corps instilled discipline, perseverance, leadership skills, and a commitment to excellence," says Dexter Jones, owner, and Chief Executive Protection Officer of VIPS PERSONAL PROTECTION LLC, a respected security and close protection firm based in Pflugerville, Texas. These values, ingrained during his time in the military, have profoundly impacted his approach to entrepreneurship.

To Jones, integrity, precision, and dedication to client safety are non-negotiable. The Marine Corps taught him the importance of adaptability, which has proven invaluable in the ever-evolving security and close protection industry. Furthermore, his military experience equipped him with a strong work ethic and an unwavering drive to succeed—qualities that have played a pivotal role in the growth and success of his business.

Challenges and Opportunities: A Black Entrepreneur's Journey

As a Black entrepreneur in Pflugerville, the journey has not been without its unique challenges. Security opportunities are predominantly sourced through Level III and Level IV Security Firms and Off Duty Police Officers, creating a highly competitive environment. Access to capital resources and networking opportunities can also be limited, posing ongoing obstacles. However, amidst these challenges, Jones sees tremendous opportunities for growth and collaboration. “We contribute to the overall tax base in the City of Pflugerville,” Jones says. “Our services are taxable and provide a source of job creation within the community. We are actively seeking opportunities to engage in the local community and have begun to mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that success in entrepreneurship is achievable for everyone, regardless of their background,” he adds.

Supporting and Uplifting Black-Owned Businesses

Dexter Jones understands the power of collaboration and community support. To uplift other Black-owned businesses in Pflugerville, he and his team actively share their experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs and establish partnerships with local organizations that promote entrepreneurship among minorities. During Black-Owned Business Month, which falls in August,  and throughout the year, they offer mentorship and resources to emerging Black entrepreneurs.

Collaboration with business associations is also a significant part of their strategy to advocate for diversity and inclusion in Pflugerville's business ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to create a thriving and inclusive environment where all entrepreneurs can succeed, regardless of background.

As we celebrate Black-owned businesses in Pflugerville, we honor the dedication, innovation, and resilience of entrepreneurs like Dexter Jones, who build successful businesses and actively contribute to their community's growth and prosperity. Their stories inspire us all, reminding us that with determination and support, dreams can become reality and barriers can be broken down.