14 facts about Typhoon Texas taking over Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville

3 Jan 2017


The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation, the city of Pflugerville and Typhoon Texas inked a deal Tuesday, Jan. 3 to name the Katy-based water company as the new operator of the Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville water park.

The parties agreed to terms for a two-year ground and operating lease agreement. The lease and operating agreement includes options to renew in 10-year increments up to 2038.

Here is what you need to know:

1. The name will change.
Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville will now be known as Typhoon Texas.

2. Season passes will be honored.
Typhoon Texas will honor Hawaiian Falls 2017 season passes that have already been purchased and is currently matching Hawaiian Falls’ season pass pricing of $69.99 for new park passes.

3. Improvements will be made.
Typhoon Texas will resurface and remedy areas of the water park that currently feature gravel, stone and sand. The resurfacing material has not been determined.

4. Parking is free.
Typhoon Texas will not charge for parking.

5. Coolers may not be allowed.
Unlike Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville, it has yet to be determined if they will allow coolers at Typhoon Waterpark of Pflugerville. According to their website, Typhoon Texas water park in Katy does not permit coolers or outside food or drink with the exception of one factory-sealed bottle of water per person. Guests are permitted to bring personal foods into the park if they are medically necessary.

6. There will be more rides.
Typhoon Texas committed to add new rides to the facility, including the Gulley Washer, a giant four-story water splash-pad playground with slides and activities for young children. The Gulley Washer will be operational, weather permitting, by May 26.

7. Typhoon Texas will invest in improvements.
The company will invest at least $4.5 million in the park over a two-year period for park improvements including repairs, maintenance, new attractions and technology for operations.

8. PCDC agreed to a lease payment of $1.15 million a year in consideration of the $4.5 million investment by Typhoon Texas. The PCDC will contribute approximately $434,315.88 annually, funded by sales tax revenue to assist in fulfilling payments to Capital One. After the PCDC’s loan for the park is fulfilled, the lease payment will be reduced to $100 annually, estimated to occur in 2038.

9. Typhoon Texas will pay either the net annual income or $1.15 million, whichever is less, as its annual lease payment for 2017 and 2018, during which Typhoon Texas is investing $4.5 million into the park.

10. Typhoon Texas will spend a maximum of $250,000 on repairs and maintenance needed to obtain a new Certificate of Occupancy for the park. A new Certificate of Occupancy inspection is required with the transfer of the lease and any repairs over $250,000 will be paid by the PCDC.

11. In addition to the lease payments, Typhoon Texas will pay the PCDC $1 for every ticket over 300,000 sold in any season, with season passes counting as one ticket.

12. Typhoon Texas will conduct routine year-round maintenance on the park in accordance with State of Texas and local requirements.

13. The city of Pflugerville and PCDC will work with the Texas Department of Transportation to negotiate a public access to the water park off FM 685.

14. Typhoon Texas is slated to open in May.

Rachel Lucio, Community Impact, 1/3/17, communityimpact.com