Typhoon Texas takes over Pflugerville Water Park

3 Jan 2017


Water slides and wave pools will soon return to Pflugerville.

On Tuesday night, the Pflugerville City Council voted to approve a lease with Typhoon Texas. The company will take over the former Hawaiian Falls water park at the intersection of SH 130 and FM 685.

Typhoon Texas has a two-year lease with options to renew until 2038.

During the first lease term, it will spend at least $4.5 million on improvements, repairs and technology.

The park will also honor already purchased Hawaiian Falls 2017 season passes.

Typhoon Texas Pflugerville will be underwritten by sales tax, and will not impact the city’s tax rate.

Amy Madison, Executive Director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation, said, “Many times with parks you have to really have a lot of expense and overhead in this case we have a revenue stream coming in and at the same time were bringing additional folks to our community and they’re spending their dollars in our community and still have a great playground water park for our citizens that live here.”

Hawaiian Falls shut down after missing over $400,000 in loan payments to the city. The park also had to pay $84,000 in fines for violating child labor laws in 2014.

Typhoon Texas Pflugerville hopes to open on May 1, 2017.

Tina Shively, KVUE, 1/3/17, kvue.com