Pflugerville plan has goal of bringing new business to the city

5 Apr 2017


The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation relied on a 40-member steering committee to develop a three-year strategy, the first long-term development plan directed at bringing businesses to the city.

PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison presented the plan, which has been accepted by the board of the development group, at a gathering of Pflugerville officials and business leaders March 30.

The announcement of the plan to the community came two days after two more companies committed to move their regional headquarters to

Accent Food Services will build a new 55,000-square-foot office and bring 85 full-time jobs at an average of $55,000 per year in salary. MW Builders will build its regional headquarters at 130 Commerce Center. The company will employ 30, offering an average salary of $75,000 per year.

The two companies were enticed, Madison said, by many factors, including the workforce, land available, central location and business-friendly climate that included short-term cash incentives to the companies if they meet employment numbers and other goals.

Projects with incentives such as these, approved by Pflugerville City Council on March 30, should become more numerous with the strategic plan in place, Madison said.

The plan was a collaboration of more than a dozen organizations joining PCDC and the city. Local, county and state organizations developed the framework of the plan, Madison said.

Pflugerville’s City Council members have the plan and are reviewing it. City Manager Brandon Wade said the plan will be discussed as the city’s budget for 2017-18 is developed.

Five economic development items are listed in the strategic plan, along with brief descriptions and goals:

  • Business Climate—Pflugerville celebrates and supports local entrepreneurs and the growth of existing and new businesses in the community. Goals include developing a transparent and flexible incentive guideline for catalyst projects.
  • Education & Workforce—Pflugerville’s education system is a primary driver of the economy, preparing students for successful local careers and ensuring employers have access to the best workers. Goals include building partnerships with the East Williamson County Higher Education Center and other institutions along the SH 130 corridor, along with establishing a post-secondary educational presence in Pflugerville.
  • Infrastructure—The built environment of Pflugerville reflects the highest design standards while facilitating access, preserving the natural environment, and offering diverse business and residential options. Goals include ensuring the land is appropriately zoned for flexible light industrial, logistics, office and other commercial uses and encouraging more diverse housing construction.
  • Quality of Life—Pflugerville residents take pride in their city, celebrating their cultural diversity, exceptional schools, natural environment and sense of community. Goals include creating an alternative city center that serves as a central, walkable gathering place for residents, along with investing in trails, sports facilities and an outdoor entertainment venue.
  • Marketing & Branding—Pflugerville has a distinct brand identity embraced by the community and recognized across the U.S. and world. Goals include opening the lines of communication between partners in the city and building  awareness of Pflugerville’s assets and points of pride among businesses and residents.

In unveiling the plan, Madison said each of the goals will be measured by metrics tied to any incentives while establishing clear roles for the PCDC, the city of Pflugerville, the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce and Pflugerville ISD.

Madison said the ultimate goal is to create jobs for residents and tax revenue to sustain Pflugerville’s high quality of life.

“We brought together all of our strengths to develop a plan so all of our partners are connected,” Madison said during the plan’s development. “We all need to work together for Pflugerville.”

Joe Warner, Community Impact, 4/5/2017,