Revolutionizing 3D Printing: Austin 3D Printing Supplies Opens its Doors in Pflugerville

Revolutionizing 3D Printing: Austin 3D Printing Supplies Opens its Doors in Pflugerville Main Photo

28 Nov 2023


Pflugerville is now home to a groundbreaking venture that promises to transform the 3D printing landscape. Austin 3D Printing Supply (Austin 3DPS) recently opened its doors, ushering in a new era of accessibility, education, and innovation in the world of 3D printing.

A Unique Storefront Experience

Austin 3DPS is not just a store; it's an immersive experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. Powered by Essentium, Inc., a global leader in industrial additive manufacturing, the store focuses on providing top-quality USA-made filaments. The store caters to a diverse audience, from beginner-friendly 3D-Fuel brands to engineering-grade filaments.

Nirup Nagabandi, Ph.D., Vice President of Materials Engineering at Essentium, emphasizes the store's uniqueness, stating, "There was no physical store in the Austin area or throughout Central Texas. The Pflugerville community was very welcoming to us, and it presented the perfect place to meet the needs of a growing and active additive customer base.  Additionally, working with the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC), we had excellent assistance connecting with the local school district to provide training and educational programming for students.”.

Bridging the Gap in Austin's 3D Printing Community

Until the inception of Austin 3DPS, Austin lacked a dedicated brick-and-mortar store for 3D printing enthusiasts. Addressing this gap, the store aims to offer a variety of filaments and introduce in-store purchases of printer consumables for various brands by the summer of 2024.

Currently, the store boasts 40 different Pro PLA colors and 25 other filaments in the engineering range. This comprehensive offering caters to professionals, educators, and hobbyists, contributing to local sustainability with all products made in the USA.

Fostering Collaboration and Education

Austin 3D Printing Supplies' commitment to community engagement is pivotal in its collaborative efforts with the PCDC. Nirup Nagabandi sheds light on the strategic initiatives underway, stating, "We are set to host a group of students for an enlightening factory tour scheduled for December." Additionally, the company's VP of Production, Ryan, has actively participated in an impactful workforce development event. Building on this foundation, discussions have unfolded to establish Austin 3DPS as an advisor for the imminent manufacturing technology center at PfISD, aiming to infuse cutting-edge technologies into educational curricula. Furthermore, the store is fervently exploring avenues to provide seasonal internships tailored for high school juniors and seniors, offering them invaluable exposure and experience in the dynamic realm of 3D printing. "I think that's where the kids will be able to learn better because we impart some real-world knowledge to them." Anticipating further collaborative endeavors, Nirup Nagabandi affirms, "I believe the list is only going to grow."

Environmental Responsibility and Innovation

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, Austin 3DPS is set to introduce spool recycling services. This initiative allows customers to repurpose spools, minimize waste, and actively contribute to sustainability.

Nirup Nagabandi emphasizes the impact on local makers and artists, stating, "I think it's going to enhance quality amongst local artists and the general public. And that's the impact, the uniqueness of our products - we offer 40 plus colors."

Austin 3D Printing Supply is not just a store but a community-driven space that redefines the 3D printing experience. With a focus on accessibility, education, and sustainability, Austin 3DPS is poised to leave a lasting impact on Pflugerville and the greater Austin area, fostering a new era of innovation and collaboration in the 3D printing realm.