Pflugerville Gets New Parks & Rec Center with Help from PCDC

28 Mar 2024


The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) is dedicated to supporting great lifestyle amenities.

PCDC Takes a Comprehensive Approach to Pflugerville’s Health and Happiness.

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation does more than bring great jobs to the area. We have been contributing to the city’s stellar outdoor recreation amenities for years. The PCDC Board most recently approved of a $150,000 investment to fund upgrades to an existing playground and shades for 2 playgrounds.and shade structures along with other outdoor fitness equipment. Pflugerville boasts 28 developed parks, over 40 miles of trails, and 528 acres of open space within the city limits. Those pristine public amenities add incalculable value to our community’s appeal, as well as the health and happiness of our residents. Thanks to PCDC, Pflugerville now has  25 playgrounds citywide with shade.

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