Pflugerville Community Development Corporation wins EDO Award 2023 from Business Facilities

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation wins EDO Award 2023 from Business Facilities Main Photo

19 May 2023


Pflugerville, Texas, has been awarded the prestigious Economic Development Organization (EDO) of the Year by Business Facilities. Business Facilities has recognized economic developers' efforts toward growing their communities with its EDO Awards for the first time. The 2023 EDO Awards winners characterize tenacity from the grassroots level to securing multimillion-dollar projects. The recognition for Pflugerville highlights the city's remarkable achievements in economic development, particularly concerning the State Highway 130 toll road and the groundbreaking work of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC).

Completion of the State Highway Toll Road

Completing the State Highway 130 toll road in 2007 catalyzed significant growth and expansion in Pflugerville. Recognizing the potential opportunities, the PCDC took proactive measures by acquiring 167 acres of land to establish the Pfirst Industrial Park at the intersection of Pecan Street and SH 130. This strategic move laid the foundation for future development and set the stage for the PCDC's impressive accomplishments over the next decade. Over the years, the PCDC focused on developing the One Thirty Business Park, which entailed the establishment of centralized drainage systems and wet and dry utilities along two major roads, Helios Way and Impact Way. These infrastructure improvements not only facilitated business operations but also had a significant positive impact on the local tax base through recruitment projects and land sales.

Challenges and a Creative Solution

However, the extension of Impact Way faced an unforeseen setback as it fell 1,200 feet short of reaching the back property line due to the undevelopable nature of the remaining 24 acres. Undeterred by this challenge, the PCDC embarked on an investigation to explore options for creating a second point of access to the undevelopable tract while extending the road and utilities to over 160 additional acres south of the PCDC property. In 2017, the PCDC obtained a permit from Travis County for an emergency exit on an adjacent county road for the property. Nevertheless, the irregular shape of the land presented additional complications, as it had only one narrow point of ingress-egress. To address these challenges, the PCDC devised a creative solution: a private "shared" drive that met all local and state requirements, providing frontage on Impact Way for both parcels and a single private drive for the two separate properties.

Years of Perseverance and Hard Work Pay off

The PCDC's perseverance and years of hard work paid off when, in 2021, the demand for properties under 20 acres reached an all-time high. With no available properties meeting prospect needs or timelines, the PCDC acted swiftly to let the road construction contract in January 2022. The road extension, bridge construction, and utility installation, amounting to $2.8 million, were completed in January 2023. The city's dedication to the extension is pending, and multiple prospects have expressed interest in purchasing the two parcels created through a subdivision.

Moreover, the PCDC's proactive approach to development generated community interest in acquiring an additional 17-acre tract contiguous to the industrial park from the Texas Department of Transportation. While this process took five years, the PCDC is now budgeted for this year's purchase. This acquisition will extend the One Thirty Business Park to the south, fostering further growth and development. The remaining 120 acres south of the extended park will also gain access to the road and utilities, opening up new opportunities for future expansion.

The PCDC's determination and creativity in overcoming the initial setback of an "undevelopable" verdict have genuinely paved the way to impact the Pflugerville community significantly. Pflugerville, Texas, has solidified its position as a thriving hub for economic growth and development by being recognized as the EDO of the Year by Business Facilities magazine. The remarkable achievements of the PCDC, along with the completion of the Impact Way extension, demonstrate the city's commitment to attracting businesses, creating jobs, and fostering a prosperous future for its residents.

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation: On a Mission to Growth and Opportunity

Our mission at PCDC is to actively pursue opportunities to become a regional employment center in the areas of business retention, expansion, and attraction as a means of promoting economic development within the City of Pflugerville, providing quality job opportunities for local citizens to be able to work locally and have the option to replace commuting time with family and community time. Contact us here for more information.