Republic National Distributing Company relocates and expands regional operations to 250,000 SF facility in Pflugerville, brings 304 full-time jobs.

12 Nov 2019

Press Release

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (November 12, 2019) — The Pflugerville City Council approved a performance agreement between the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) Board of Directors and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), a wine and spirits distributor, during their regular meeting on November 12. The agreement was previously approved by the PCDC at a Special Called meeting on November 2.  RNDC is relocating and expanding their facilities in Texas to include a $27 million capital investment in a 250,000-square-foot facility with plans to employ a total of 304 full-time primary jobs.

“This fast-growth company brings a sales and distribution regional operation that provides many opportunities to expand our local workforce expertise in a state-of-the-art, high-tech facility,” said Amy Madison, PCDC Executive Director.

Madison said RNDC had been seeking a location for a permanent Austin regional headquarters over the past two years and that the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce was an important partner in locating the project in the region.

RNDC Vice President of Operations Steve Feldman said, “We considered sites in other communities but decided to make our new home in Pflugerville due to several factors including location and available workforce. We have been working very closely with PCDC and look forward to a long partnership as we expand RNDC operations in Pflugerville.”

As part of the 10-year Economic Development Performance Agreement, the PCDC will offer a $70,000 jobs grant per year provided they relocate or hire 207 employees in year one and 97 employees in year two. Additionally, the PCDC will provide an infrastructure grant not to exceed $500,000 to assist with the extension of Helios Way and needed utilities to the 32 acre site located at the south side of Pecan Street and west side of SH130.

To be eligible for the total $1.2 million incentive, RNDC must retain the total 304 primary jobs established in years one and two through the entirety of the agreement, in addition to fulfilling the $27 million capital investment in year one. Further, they must provide receipts proving full cost of the Helios Way extension to be eligible for the infrastructure grant.

“We are excited that Republic National Distributing Company has been able to expand its footprint and high-tech distribution operations here in Pflugerville,” said Charisse Bodisch, SVP Economic Development at the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.  “This expansion will add jobs across a broad spectrum of skill levels and is another great testament to the depth of our regional workforce.”


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