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6 updates Typhoon Texas presented to Pflugerville City Council

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Improvements on schedule for May 26 opening.

Work at Typhoon Texas is on schedule with an opening date slated for May 26. The Pflugerville water park will open the summer season with a new look, according to company Chief Financial Officer Ray DeLaughter. Among the updates to the former Hawaiian Falls property are:

  • 70 piers are in place to support the aqua play structure. “There will be a tots pad and a play structure,” DeLaughter said. “Progress is going well.”
  • The pools have been emptied and cleaned. DeLaughter said cleaning the pool areas has been a challenge, as the water was “not maintained well before.”
  • All of the sand is being removed and replaced by decking. “Sand gets into the water and filters and creates maintenance problems,” DeLaughter said.
  • As many as 600 seasonal employees will be hired. “We’re targeting the local schools,” DeLaughter said. “Hiring efforts have gone well.”
  • Approximately $450,000 has been invested in the shade for park guests, with the entry to the lazy river and the front of the wave pool top priorities. “Shade is important to the guest experience,” DeLaughter said.
  • The CFO told council members Typhoon Texas has improved the perimeter of the park with a significant investment inside the park. As a Texas company, he said the landscaping will reflect Texas. Among the changes: the palm trees throughout the park were removed.

When asked if the financial commitment matched the agreements with the Pflugerville Community Development Corp., DeLaughter said: “We always intended to spend more than what we said we would. We are spending every dollar of what we intended to put in the park.”

Community Impact, Joe Warner, 3/28/17,

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