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New development deals bring two regional headquarters to Pflugerville

29 Mar 2017


Two new regional headquarters are coming to Pflugerville after the Pflugerville City Council approved two economic development deals at Tuesday night’s meeting.

An agreement with Accent Food Services Inc. to build the company’s new regional headquarters at 2919 A.W. Grimes Blvd. was approved, said Amy Madison, executive director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation.

Accent Food Services Inc. is expected to invest at least $4 million during the term of a five-year agreement on the acquisition of land, construction and machinery and equipment for the headquarters.

Per the agreement, the company will hire 85 full-time employees by December 2018 and add five employees every year, for a total of 105 by 2022.

The total incentive for the agreement is $150,000 over five years, capped at $30,000 per year, Madison said.

Accent Food Services Inc. was in the Pflugerville extraterritorial jurisdiction before but is moving into the city limits now, she said.

The second deal approved was with MW Builders, which is relocating and expanding from Temple, Madison said.

The company’s new facility will be located at the corner of Sun Light Near and Helios ways, she said.

The PCDC will be providing a relocation grant $25,000 annually for three years, for a total of $75,000 to MW Builders, Madison said.

They’ll be hiring 30 employees in the first year of the five-year agreement, she said.

The PCDC approved both projects at their February meeting and held a public hearing in March, she said.

MW Builders have about 400,000 square feet of projects built or under construction in Pflugerville, she said. “They’ve done an awful lot in our community, it’s about time they came home here,” she said.

Nicole Barrios, Austin Community Newspapers Staff, 3/29/17,

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Home Appreciation in Pflugerville, TX is up 9.4% in the last 12 months.

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With 3 healthcare facilities in town and 7 hospitals within less than 20 miles, Pflugerville's healthcare rivals that of any major metropolitan area.

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With 28 universities and colleges in close proximity to Pflugerville, it's no surprise that nearly 40% of residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.