SISU Devices Expands Offices, Adds 45 Jobs in Pflugerville

11 May 2016

Press Release

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (May 11, 2016)—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) today announced that custom machine and robotics manufacturer SISU Devices will make a $2.1 million capital investment to expand at 1520 Royston Lake, an industrial area in northwestern Pflugerville.

The company, which was established in 2010 by co-founders Russell Aldridge and Mark Christianson, plans to triple the size of its building by the end of 2017. The company will add 12,000 square feet to its existing building, for a total of 17,600 square feet. SISU currently provides engineering, manufacturing and assembly, and plans to add sheet metal fabrication with the expansion of the building.

“SISU serves a wide range of small, medium and large corporate customers around the world. They also employ an extremely diverse workforce of machinists, assembly technicians and engineers who are from 12 different countries,” said PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison. “We are proud that SISU was founded and will continue to grow right here in Pflugerville for many years to come.”

Aldridge said the company is currently looking to hire several engineers, and job seekers can send resumes

The PCDC Board of Directors approved an economic development agreement with SISU April 21, and the Pflugerville City Council gave final approval on the contract May 10. The performance agreement requires SISU to complete the expansion project by Dec. 31, 2017, and maintain operations in Pflugerville for at least five years. Today, SISU has 32 employees. As part of the contract with the PCDC, in the next five years the company is expected to add approximately 45 more full-time jobs at an average annual salary of $40,000 with health insurance benefits. As these metrics are met, the PCDC will grant SISU $1,600 per job up to 15 jobs per year. The incentive will not exceed $24,000 per year, at a maximum of $72,000 total.