Building a Community: How PCDC Incentives Prepares Pflugerville for Growth

13 Mar 2024


Though Pflugerville is growing quickly, our team at PCDC is managing that growth through careful planning and strategic incentives.

In July 2023, Pflugerville Community Development Corporation Announced the Inception of  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan 3.0 that Includes Guidelines for Incentives

PCDC chose global leader Ernst & Young, LLP (EY) as the strategic partner to develop that plan which will outline a path toward sustainable growth and prosperity for our local residents and leaders. Our new holistic economic development strategic plan will build on the achievements of our previous plan. Our professionals at PCDC hope to leverage a deep understanding of Pflugerville's economic landscape to identify opportunities, create strategic goals, and implement actionable strategies for the community. We understand  that the long-term success of a community requires much more than attracting outside investments. We plan to weigh every decision carefully to ensure Pflugerville residents will continue to enjoy a high quality of life, affordable services, and welcoming neighborhoods for years to come.

Discover what  Pflugerville has to offer, including available incentives.