You're in Good Company in Pflugerville

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REE Automotive

“This is an exciting step forward for our REEcornerTM and REEboardTM EV platform production as our U.S.-based operations grow. The Austin region is the perfect choice for bringing to life our REEcornerTM technology and platforms at scale, with a highly-skilled tech workforce, well-structured regulatory environment, and entrepreneurial spirit that matches our own,” said Mike Charlton, REE chief operations officer. “As we work toward prototype delivery this year of our new P7 platform intended to power commercial vehicles such as walk-in delivery vans, we‘re eager to be close to our partners and customers as we target commercial production in 2023. We are excited to call Pflugerville – and Texas – home.”“MoboTrex is focused on delivering products and services to our customers in the most cost-effective manner possible. With the assistance of PCDC and our planned relocation to the Pflugerville community, we believe that MoboTrex will be able to continue our legacy of U.S.-based manufacturing in a more cost-effective manner than our present location provides,” said Staci Lange, MoboTrex Chief Operating Officer. “We look forward to working with PCDC and the Pflugerville community to attract and retain quality employees who will contribute to our long-term success and that of the community.”

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