Tracking Point


TrackingPoint, Inc., an applied technology company that designs, develops and manufactures the world’s first precision-guided firearms (PGFs), will relocate and expand its corporate headquarters, manufacturing, and research and development (R&D) facilities to a 48,000-square-feet office space in the 130 Business Park at 130 Commerce Center in Pflugerville. The company will also construct a $3 million, 500-yard ballistics laboratory on a 20-acre tract at the site.

The company selected the location for three main reasons: Pflugerville is a business-friendly community that provided incentives based on capital investment and jobs, general community and elected-official support for the Second Amendment that protects the right to keep and bear arms under the United States Bill of Rights, and the convenient location and accessibility within Central Texas.

“We knew that Pflugerville was very pro-business, but it was also important to us to locate in a place our employees could easily access. 130 Commerce Center in Pflugerville offered us exactly what we needed—a high-quality, affordable business park with room for growth located on a state highway in the heart of Central Texas,” said John McHale, TrackingPoint founder and CEO. “With our experienced executive team and board of directors, a highly educated, innovative and hard working staff, and now a location where our business can prosper and grow, we will be able to take modern-day technology and integrate it with firearms to revolutionize the gun industry, which has been stagnant for more than a century.”

TrackingPoint was founded in Austin in 2011. In January, the company introduced its first product—the XactSystem, which features fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in a shooting system. Each XactSystem is composed of a rifle, networked tracking scope, integrated guided trigger, ammunition, an iPad mini, and a custom hard case. Products are differentiated by caliber, barrel length, chassis system, application, and ammunition. The company already has a significant backorder position and will begin shipping products in May.

PFGs are ideal for extreme distance hunting and long-range target shooting, but they have a variety of additional uses, such as government applications.