Moving Made Logistical Sense

When Jeff Buratto & Ian McFatridge were looking for a place to relocate their 10-person company, LifeLast, Inc., from a suburb of Portland, OR, they looked at several cities, but Pflugerville stood out because of the city’s location, charm and the support of local businesses and government.

“Our interest in Pflugerville is a direct result of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC),” said Jeff Buratto, president, LifeLast. “We liked how close the city was to our raw material sources and the city’s infrastructure, specifically the toll roads which make it easy for employees to get work and for trucking companies to deliver in and out of our warehouse. We also liked the city’s small town community feel where we could be a bigger fish in a smaller pond.”

The company, which specializes in formulating and manufacturing high performance, polyurethane protective linings and coatings for industrial applications, moved to Pflugerville in April 2015 leasing 24,000 square feet at the 130 Commerce Center. Buratto added that the area is perfect for a growing company because of the diverse workforce near Austin.

“The support and interest we got from the PCDC helped us throughout the moving process and affirmed our decision to move to Pflugerville,” Buratto said. “County officials in Pflugerville even came to our open house.”

With both city and county support, LifeLast was assured that their build-out and operations would be designed safely, capping a development process which would have taken much longer had it been in Austin. But not all the factors in their decision were based upon business advantages. LifeLast’s team and their families fell in love with Pflugerville’s close-knit community. “Pflugerville is family-oriented and growing,” said Ian McFatridge. “It’s small enough that local leaders are accessible and, as a business, we can have a more significant impact on the community.”