Telecom firm to relocate headquarters to Pflugerville

The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) announced yesterday that Austin-based telecommunications company TesCom will relocate their headquarters to Pflugerville.

“We are always excited when our development corporation brings in a new business that has employees. Further, we are really excited when we become their national headquarters,” said former Pflugerville Mayor Jeff Coleman, whose replacement, Victor Gonzales, was sworn in at last night’s meeting.

The PCDC Board of Directors approved a $25,000 grant Nov. 17 as an incentive to bring TesCom to Pflugerville and to help TesCom with renovations to the existing building they will occupy at 20200 Algreg St. in Pflugerville.

“One of the aspects of growing a community is helping smaller firms grow and to create a new home for them, and that is what we’ve done with TesCom,” said PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison. “We are very excited to welcome them, and that building is going to be retrofitted and expanded, and while the investment from the PCDC is small, $25,000 grant to get such a great company, that is a win for everybody,”

Madison said TesCom choosing the Algreg Street location is a good thing, as the building could have gone to warehouse or inventory use, which would have done little for job creation in Pflugerville. According to Madison, the nature of TesCom’s business requires them to invest in sophisticated equipment to test their end product, and the Pflugerville headquarters will be home to the company’s research and development department team as well.

“To do that in what was originally more or less a warehouse, raises the bar for us in this community,” said Madison

In addition to revitalizing the vacant building, TesCom hopes to add jobs to the local market. TesCom is a national company with 55 employees, TesCom plans to bring 33 full-time jobs to Pflugerville within one year of relocation, and 42 jobs within five years, according to the PCDC.

No date has been announced for the relocation.

Rachel Lucio, Community Impact, 11/30/2016,