City Council signs agreement to bring playground manufacturer to Pflugerville

City Council members gave their approval to an agreement May 24 to help Kompan Playground Solutions relocate their North American headquarters to Pflugerville. Kompan is one of the world’s top playground suppliers and will relocate from their existing location in Tacoma Washington.

Details of the agreement show Kompan, Inc. is expected to make an initial $2.5 million capital investment, create at least 20 new jobs, and has agreed to provide approximately $1 million in playground equipment and upgrades to the city—at or below market rate—during the next 10 years.

According to a statement issued by the city, the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. will buy up to $125,000 in new playground equipment from Kompan annually for 10 years and donate the equipment to the city. Kompan is required to have at least 20 jobs, be in Pflugerville for 10 years and sign a lease by June 30. If the company hires more than 40 jobs the PCDC will buy an additional $25,000 in playground equipment. The statement said 24 parks will receive upgrades as a result of the agreement.

“It is rare for an economic development project to provide a direct and immediate benefit for children. The playground equipment will not only be fun, but educational as well. Parents and children in this community deserve the best, and the jobs provide opportunities for our growing workforce,” PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison said in a statement. “This project gives new meaning to ‘live, work, play’ in Pflugerville.”

Parks and Recreation Director James Hemenes told Council members Pfluger Park will most likely receive the first upgrades. He said the park’s equipment is 19 years old and one of the most highly used playgrounds in the city.

Hemenes said the average life span of playground equipment is a little more than 11 years, as an industry standard, and there are six parks in Pflugerville with equipment more than 15 years old.

“There’s definitely a need for playground equipment,” Hemenes said. “Kompan is one of the best [suppliers] of cutting-edge equipment and pioneers of a lot of modern technology.”

According to city officials, the Parks and Recreation Department has 24 existing playgrounds, 743 acres of parkland and 26 developed parks.

Brenda Young, Community Impact, 5/25/2016,