Census Bureau Report Ranks Pflugerville Among Top Cities for Diversity, Greater Ethnic Diversity, Higher Wages, Lower Unemployment

U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey results show Pflugerville workforce earns higher salaries than Round Rock and Cedar Park.

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (April 6, 2015)—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) today announced Pflugerville ranks among the top cities in the Austin area for greater ethnic diversity, higher wages and lower unemployment rate, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) 2013 five-year results.

Ethnic Diversity
Data from the ACS report shows Pflugerville as having a strong ethnically diverse population with 45.8 percent white, compared to 54.4 percent in Round Rock and 68 percent in Cedar Park.

“We are proud of Pflugerville’s ethnically diverse population in which all cultures are embraced and celebrated. This strengthens our workforce, our education system, and our community as a whole,” Akers said. “The American Community Survey results provide the data to support what we have been saying for years—that Pflugerville is one of the best communities in the Austin area to grow a business and raise a family.”

The census results drew wide range support from area chambers of commerce on the many advantages Pflugerville’s diversity creates for economic development.

“Pflugerville is a city of the future,” said Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Natalie Madeira Cofield. “The city’s rich diversity is an asset to the region in areas of both commerce and culture and it’s higher than average household income further adds to its success equation.”

Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Madrid said cultural diversity is one of the strongest economic development drivers.

“We have the remarkable opportunity to advocate for the fastest growing entrepreneurial segment in Central Texas, Hispanic-owned businesses,” Madrid said. “As well, we proclaim that small business is big business. We commend Pflugerville for embracing diversity, as we all benefit, economically and otherwise.”

Wages, education and unemployment
According to the survey, a larger percentage of the Pflugerville workforce earns more than $50,000 annual salaries than in Cedar Park or Round Rock. Of the total workforce in Pflugerville, 73 percent earns an income of more than $50,000 annually (compared to 65 percent in Cedar Park, and 66 percent in Round Rock.)

Thirty-three percent of the total workforce in Pflugerville earns an income of more than $100,000 annually (compared to 36.7 percent in Cedar Park, and 31 percent in Round Rock.)

“This data indicates the strength of the Pflugerville workforce. We have highly educated, qualified professionals to help drive our local economy,” PCDC Executive Director Floyd Akers said. “Most business owners will tell you the success of the company rides on the strength of the staff. We see a bright economic future in Pflugerville with significant business growth ahead.”

Forty-seven percent of all Pflugerville residents have earned an associates degree or higher.

The lower unemployment rate also indicates a strong local economy, with a rate of 4.7 percent in Pflugerville compared to 5.6 percent in Cedar Park and 6.1 percent in Round Rock.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Pflugerville has grown from 48,698 in 2010 to 53,752 in 2013.

U.S. Census Bureau ACS

ACS is an ongoing survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau with results reported annually to provide data about communities so investments and services such as lunch programs and new hospitals can be planned. Information from the survey generates data that helps determine how more than $400 billion in federal and state funds are distributed each year.

About the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation promotes Pflugerville as a desirable place for new businesses to operate. The organization also supports existing businesses by helping to address their needs. PCDC can provide funding for use as an incentive to businesses to begin doing business in Pflugerville. PCDC funds, which are 4B money generated from a half-cent of the city’s sales tax revenue, can also be used to construct needed infrastructure such as roads, utilities and drainage projects. Located 16 miles northeast of Austin and just south of Round Rock, Pflugerville is well-situated in Central Texas. New state highways 45 and 130 and Interstate Highway 35 all offer direct access to other nearby cities and the region’s main airport.

Additional Back-Up Information and Quotes:

Pflugerville population:
27.7 percent Hispanic
14.4 percent African American
10 percent Asian
3 percent multiple races.

Round Rock population:
30 percent Hispanic
9 percent African American
5.2 percent Asian
2.5 percent multiple races.

Cedar Park population:
17.5 percent Hispanic
4.9 percent African American
6.3 percent Asian
2 percent multiple races

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
American Community Survey (ACS) 2013 five-year results

“Pflugerville’s diversity is based on not only the welcoming environment that the people of this great city have established, but also a commitment to economic opportunity and prosperity for all people—no matter your race or culture. Pflugerville understands that a diverse population is not just a boon for people of color, but for all of society. Economic vibrancy … strong schools …appreciation of diversity … So long as Pflugerville continues to do all three, no city’s future will be brighter. As someone whose family has been here for almost 25 years, I could not be more proud to call myself a Pflugervillian.”

Rudolph K. Metayer
Board of Directors
Pflugerville Community Development Corporation