Largest Tax Rate Reduction in 10 Years for 2013-2014 City Budget


  • Total budget: $73,886,746
  • Utility fund: $38,497,394
  • General fund: $24,051,717
  • Debt service: $6,057,260
  • Capital projects: $5,280,375
  • 1 cent  = $301,946
  • *2.04= $615,969.84 (Council did not appropriate from taxpayers)
  • Property tax rate was 59.40 cents and is now 57.36 cents per $100 valuation


PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS—Pflugerville City Council approved the 2013-2014 budget on Sept. 24 and implemented a 2.04 cent property tax rate reduction lowering Pflugerville’s tax rate to 57.36 cents per $100 valuation.

“Thanks to conservative budgeting we’ve been able to reduce the property tax by 2.04 cents,” Mayor Jeff Coleman said. “Our stated City Council goal has been to provide a consistent tax decrease to our residents. As we’ve said for years, if we continue to attract new businesses and retail, if we shop locally and support economic development, we can provide a more significant tax decrease for our residents. Recent growth patterns are making this reduction possible.”

The average home value in Pflugerville increased from $152,588 to $159,312 in the 2013-2014 budget year. If the tax rate had stayed the same, a Pflugerville resident would have seen an increase on their bill due to their increased home value. With this increase in mind, the City Council agreed to lower the property tax by 1.54 cents to the effective rate of 57.36 cents to accommodate for the fluctuation in home values. The City Council then lowered the tax rate another half cent for a total of 2.04 cents.

A Pflugerville resident with the average home value of $159,312 at the former tax rate of 59.40 cents would have paid $946.32 in taxes. With the new tax rate of 57.36, that same Pflugerville resident will pay $913.81, a savings of $32.51.

Pflugerville’s sales tax revenues continue to climb reducing the city’s reliance on property tax.

“This property tax reduction contributes to the city’s marketability and lowers the cost of doing business in Pflugerville,” Pflugerville Community Development Corporation Executive Director Floyd Akers said. “Pflugerville has had smart growth. We are able to meet and exceed expectations of businesses and our residents while consistently decreasing taxes. For businesses investing $10 million or greater in facilities, these tax reductions save them thousands of dollars annually.”

Pflugerville has lowered the city’s property tax rate for 10 consecutive years. Budget highlights include four new positions in the Police Department, Detective, Property Crime Scene Tech, IT Assistant and Dispatcher; and in the Streets Department one new position, Traffic Engineer. Capital Improvement funds are allocated for Heatherwilde Boulevard design and right-of-way improvements, Pfennig Road design and Colorado Sand Boulevard construction, and Kelly Lane Phases 1A and B from Murchison Ridge to the western edge of the Falcon Pointe Subdivision. Improvements to Kelly Lane will begin in December. View a copy of the approved budget at

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