EIEIO, INC., Relocates Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing, Brings 40 Jobs to Pflugerville

New mixed-use development, 130 Commerce Center, to be home to successful gourmet coffee, creamer and dispensing-systems manufacturer and distributor. 

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) today announced that EIEIO, Inc., which develops, manufactures and distributes gourmet coffee, creamer and dispensing systems to convenience stores and food retailers nationwide, will relocate its corporate headquarters and manufacturing from Austin to 130 Commerce Center in Pflugerville. The company expects to hire 20 full-time employees each at an average $46,000 annual salary plus medical benefits, and an additional 20 part-time employees.

EIEIO will construct a 40,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and manufacturing/assembly plant on 5 acres purchased from the PCDC, totaling a $4.5 million capital investment. Construction is expected to begin early next year. The building will be located near the intersection of Sun Light Near Way and Helios Way in southeast Pflugerville.

“The capital investment and the number of high-quality jobs that EIEIO brings to Pflugerville is significant,” PCDC Executive Director Floyd Akers said. “We are proud to be able to keep this company thriving in Central Texas.”

EIEIO was founded in 2000 in Austin. The company has 30 employees and another location in New York.

An impact analysis conducted by Impact Data Source shows that EIEIO will result in at least 41 local jobs totaling $2.4 million in gross annual salary. The City of Pflugerville will also receive approximately $26,500 in real and personal property taxes generated by EIEIO’s estimated $3.5 million facility. No tax rebates were offered to the developer.

Attracting corporate headquarters is strategic for the PCDC, which is focused on building Pflugerville’s daytime population.

“When a company brings 40 jobs to Pflugerville, those employees support our local businesses by eating at our restaurants and shopping at our stores,” Akers said. “The significant retail growth we have experienced recently is an indication that our formula for economic development success is working well.”

EIEIO sells coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, real dairy and nondairy creamers, real fruit smoothies, fresh whipped topping to convenience stores and food retailers nationwide. The company specializes in developing products using aseptic technology, creating fresh-quality products that reduce costs and have less environmental impact because refrigeration is not required in transportation or storage.

Access to distribution routes via State Highways 130 and 45 and Pflugerville’s proximity to the airports were two major reasons why EIEO selected 130 Commerce Center.

“We must be able to get our product to our customers quickly and easily,” said Cecil Andrews, president of EIEIO. “I also keep my plane in a hangar at the Austin Executive Airport, so that immediate access was key.”

At an Oct. 18 meeting, the PCDC Board of Directors approved a $243,500 incentive agreement for EIEO. As part of the agreement, the PCDC will reimburse EIEIO for permit and other development fees, sewage and detention costs, and pay the company $3,000 for each new full- time employee hired with an average wage of $46,000 plus benefits for the first 20 employees hired. The Pflugerville City Council approved and finalized this package at an Oct. 23 meeting.

The PCDC expects to see a return on the investment within just six months via the taxes that will be generated.

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