Five Building, $210 Million Data Center Campus To Be Built In Pflugerville

WindData facility to be the first 100 percent renewable energy-powered data center in the U.S. 

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) today announced major headway in its effort to establish the city as a hotbed for the renewable energy industry with the addition of WindData, a company owned by Baryonyx Corporation that will offer data center facilities powered by renewable energy.

WindData plans to construct a five-building campus totalling more than 600,000 sq. ft. over the next 10 years in Pflugerville. It will be the first 100 percent renewable energy-powered data center facility in the U.S. Groundbreaking is expected to occur in the first half of 2012.

More than 150 high-technology jobs—30 at each of the five buildings—are expected to be added at the WindData campus. The company is seeking primary data center and disaster recovery tenants prior to breaking ground on the first building.

“With our focus on the renewable energy industry, it is very appropriate that Pflugerville’s first data center will be powered by 100 percent green energy,” said PCDC Executive Director Floyd Akers. “In addition to a large number of high-paying jobs, we will also have a dramatic amount of construction at this Pflugerville location during the next 10 years.”

Pflugerville was selected by WindData for two main reasons.

“We see the city’s proximity to the growing Austin business community and its location in a deregulated energy market as the key drivers in our decision to develop future facilities in Pflugerville,” said Baryonyx Corporation CEO Ian Hatton. “We hope to finalize tax assistance agreements with both Williamson and Travis counties to be able to proceed with the final build.”

WindData is a site selection client of Angelou Economics.

“From the very beginning of the site-selection process, the PCDC proved to be a very reliable partner by exhibiting the necessary aggressiveness to recruit my client,” said Angelos Angelou, principal executive officer of Angelou Economics. “WindData will bring high-paying jobs and several hundred million dollars of investment to the community. The company will also strengthen the city’s ability to recruit more data centers and elevate Pflugerville’s renewable energy status.”

The PCDC Board of Directors approved a three-phase incentive agreement on Nov. 3 that is based mostly on jobs.

Agreement details follow.

Phase I:
•3 years
•$70 million of capital investments
•Contingent on the first 30 jobs paying $67,500 annually •These jobs are to include health insurance benefits

Phases II and III combined:
•10 years (from date of finalized agreement: Nov. 3, 2011) •Additional $140 million of capital investment
•Contingent on an additional 100 jobs paying $67,500 annually •These jobs are to include health insurance benefits

Pflugerville was once considered a small, bedroom community, but today the city has a population of approximately 50,000, features a large fly-over intersection of two major highways, a million-square-foot retail shopping center, a ‘restaurant row’ in development, and is home to what will soon be the largest solar farm in the United Sates.

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About the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation supports the city’s goals of smart growth while diversifying the city’s tax base and providing support to both commerce and the community. PCDC promotes Pflugerville as a desirable place for new businesses to operate, and supports existing businesses by helping to address their needs. PCDC can provide funding for use as an incentive to businesses to begin doing business in Pflugerville. PCDC funds, which are 4B money generated from a half-cent of the city’s sales tax revenue, can also be used to construct needed infrastructure such as roads, utilities and drainage projects.

Located 16 miles northeast of Austin and just south of Round Rock, Pflugerville is well-situated in a growing region. Recent transportation improvements, such as state highways 45 and 130, offer further linkage and direct access to other nearby cities and the region’s main airport. For more information, visit

About WindData

WindData was created by Baryonyx Corporation to enable data center end-users to leverage the power of renewable energy in a cost-effective manner. Baryonyx is composed of a dynamic team of individuals with a combined 150 years of energy and IT experience. Baryonyx will be providing 100% renewable energy to WindData.

Controlling the delivery of power allows WindData to provide long-term fixed rate power agreements that are unparalleled in today’s market. This allows our tenants to accurately forecast both lease and power consumption costs for the duration of their tenancy from day one. The new WindData facilities set the standard for next generation data centers by perfectly uniting the power of renewable energy with the latest in high-efficiency design. Our unique ability to capture and deliver low cost, long-term green energy agreements provides our clients a truly sustainable operation from both a fiscal and environmental perspective.

WindData is based on the fundamental idea of providing our clients with a solution that is affordable, reliable and renewable. Visit

About Baryonyx Corporation

Baryonyx’s principle corporate objective is the creation of value through the vertical integration of renewable and low-carbon energy production with commercial provision of energy intensive, premium products and services.

Our concept focuses on the practical applications of renewable energy – capturing it, harnessing it and most importantly deploying it to industries and business sectors with high energy demands.

We believe our vertical integration and/or co-location concept offers us significant competitive advantage over traditional wind developers in that it allows:

Dual income streams from renewable power and data center capacity;
Creation of windfarms in areas of excellent wind resource but difficult grid connection; Higher revenue per MWh of power produced through direct sale to the data center at closer to retail rates;
Highly differentiated offering to the data center market through significantly reduced carbon emissions and the ability to fix a portion of energy costs over a longer term.