Pflugerville Selected to Be A Dating Game Contestant at International Economic Development Conference


Site selector “date” chose which city “bachelor” in the under-100,000 population category to visit and consider economic development opportunities 

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC), which promotes economic development and employment in the city, today announced Pflugerville was a contestant in The Dating Game on Oct. 7 at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Conference in Reno, Nevada.

With a population of approximately 50,000, Pflugerville was selected to be a “bachelor” out of numerous communities nominated for the under-100,000 population category. A site selector was the prospective “date.”

“It is quite notable that Pflugerville was chosen to participate in this event at the annual IEDC conference, where thousands of site selectors were in attendance,” said Charles Simon, Pflugerville economic development director. “It was a great opportunity to get in front of decision-makers and tell them why Pflugerville is a prime location for office, industrial and retail development, while having a little fun with it.”

PCDC promotes Pflugerville’s access to major roadways, availability of a highly skilled and educated workforce, and proximity to numerous global employers in Central Texas. The city’s desirability as a place to live is also marketed as a key attribute.

During the game, the prospective “date”—a site selector—asked each of the three bachelors a series of questions about his community, how he would handle certain scenarios, and what his community offers to a prospective company or developer. The objective was to playfully determine which of the three communities the site selector would most like to visit for a familiarization tour. The “date” site selector chose “bachelor” Puyallup, Wash.

Development Counsellors International, an economic development marketing firm based in New York, partnered with IEDC to organize and coordinate the conference’s first ever game-show concept, which was a big hit among attendees.

IEDC is a nonprofit membership organization for economic developers. Members strive to create more high-quality jobs, develop more vibrant communities, and generally improve the quality of life in their regions. This year’s IEDC Annual Conference was Oct. 4-7. For more information on IEDC, visit

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About the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation supports the city’s goals of smart growth while diversifying the city’s tax base and providing support to both commerce and the community. PCDC promotes Pflugerville as a desirable place for new businesses to operate, and supports existing businesses by helping to address their needs. PCDC can provide funding for use as an incentive to businesses to begin doing business in Pflugerville. PCDC funds, which is 4B money generated from a half-cent of the city’s sales tax revenue, can also be used to construct needed infrastructure such as roads, utilities and drainage projects.

Located 16 miles northeast of Austin and just south of Round Rock, Pflugerville is well- situated in a growing region. Recent transportation improvements, such as state highways 45 and 130, offer further linkage and direct access to other nearby cities and the region’s main airport. For more information, visit